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Red Maeng Da is known to be the strongest form of Kratom. It is commonly used for fast relief, known for its muscle relaxing properties. Tropic Health Maeng Da is a solid choice for first timers wanting the most releif for their money, or returning customers who know their Kratom.*


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Recent scientific research on Kratom, specifically on relief, energy and mood management, shows that this herbal supplement looks like a potential game changer for those who have tried everything. Tropic Health delivers this wonderful solution directly to you, and at amazing quality. As a doctor specializing in functional medicine, Tropic Health Kratom is a must try!
Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine


Kratom can work directly and quickly on the brain’s opioid receptors which gives it an advantage over other supplements. You could find relief from psychical aches and reliefs in as fast as 30 minutes of use.*

“As a health junky I am in the gym 5-6 days a week…I stretch after each workout and stay hydrated, but I still deal with aches. Kratom solved that for me, I feel great and may just be able to throw out the endless supply of muscle rubs I have!”*
Katherine D.
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Because of kratom’s unique ability to work with brain receptors, the tea leaf is associated with reducing stress, worry, negative thoughts, while also giving much needed, long-lasting energy throughout the day.*

“I have tried everything to help with my chronic back aches. Kratom works! Thanks to Tropic Health, I've been spending more time doing the things I love - weightlifting and traveling.”
Angelica C.


Our original Red Vein strain is finely powdered and capsuled, without any added artificial preservatives or harmful chemicals. Making it one of the most powerful, high alkaloid, and all natural Kratom supplements available.*

"This is the caviar of Kratom...this is one of those Kratom vendors who got to where they are today, because they play by the rules. Red Maeng da is great for sleep, and relief killing, I definitely found that to be the case with Tropic Health’s”*
Bret D.
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